Individual lifting power

Turengin Nostolava Oy is a company with solid experience in designing and manufacturing custom-made lifting equipment. NOSTOLAVA-lifting tables serve our customers in various fields of industry – paper mills, heavy metal industry, mechanical wood-processing and building industry – in leading companies around the world.

Our equipment is used for many different purposes, in circumstances where absolute reliability, strength and high functional quality are required. A comprehensive quality is the polestar of our work, because productivity is gained only through reliable and operating equipment.

Since 1976 Turengin Nostolava has specialized in demanding lifting solutions, and gained valuable know-how in favour of all those who use our equipment. We use the same constructional principles and safety coefficients in all size lifting tables, from 50 kg load capacity up to 65 ton lifters. Our custom-oriented design will take into consideration your requirements, for instance, on the working environment and production capacity. All our equipment complies with the safety standard of lifting tables EN 1570-1 + A1.

Flexible production technology allows us to make individual solutions for our customers, and our long manufacturing experience is the guarantor of NOSTOLAVA’s high quality. Before delivery our equipment goes through a thorough inspection and test program.