Experienced Design Makes Functional Solutions

The product design process comprises the planning of the whole life cycle of the product. All components of the NOSTOLAVA-equipment are manufactured by our long-term partners and tested in heavy industry use. Our basic principle is to provide high quality, reliability, safety and the ease of operation.

In industry the lifting table often works uninterruptedly, which requires a great deal of the operational and maintenance reliability. Matters concerning service can be brought up already when planning the purchase of the lifting table. For example, permanently lubricated bearings or a fully automatic lubrication system can be chosen. Also a common lubrication through nipples can be centralized by leading the nipples via tubes out of the mechanism for quick and safe servicing.

Working conditions often make extra demands on the material and components used. Corrosive agents, dust and moisture may considerably shorten the operational life of the equipment, unless the special conditions are taken into consideration already in designing. If surrounding conditions prohibit the use of oils or electric devices, the problem may be solved by pneumatics or fully mechanical construction.

The control system of all our lifting tables is planned according to the requirements. At its simplest, push-buttons or foot pedals are used. For more complicated needs, there are logic control systems. If the client already has a control system of his own, we supply the necessary terminal box for connections.

We use only commonly known components to ensure the availability of spare parts. If necessary, we also give technical guidance.