A single-scissor lifting table is usually the most favourable solution when the platform size does not need to be large, and the lifting stroke is reasonable. Typical applications are e.g. loading bridges and lifters of paper rolls or plane surfaced objects. In single scissor lifters a low frame construction can be used when the height in the lowest position is restricted because of connecting transport systems or handling of pallets etc. There are several alternative fittings. The lifting table in the picture right, for example, is equipped with a hydraulic lateral shift of the platform and an electronic weighing appliance for the load.

In paper mills the lifting tables are used for handling the rolls. The lifter in the picture left has a v-groove tilting platform.

The lifting tables can be installed either on the floor surface or in a mounting pit. When needed, we can supply dimensional drawings of the mounting pit. Lifting equipment need not be installed permanently on its basement; it may also move on wheels – driving or free rolling.